SolidFund application for worker co-op support to embed sociocracy

Hey CoTechers,

I’ve (on behalf of Outlandish) put in an application to SolidFund* to fund support hours to co-ops wanting to embed sociocratic principles in to their culture. If you are a paid up member of SolidFund, take a look, let me know what you think and please vote! It closes tomorrow at 4pm.

SolidFund is :

We want: a strong, growing and self-reliant network of successful workers’ co‑ops.

We will achieve this: by creating a permanent common fund, paid for by members.

You can subscribe for as little as £1 a week – as an individual, through your co-op, or organisation.

  • You become a member, building our common wealth resource.
  • You help SolidFund strengthen worker co-operative solidarity.
  • You support industrial democracy and collective ownership.
  • You help SolidFund develop worker co-operative education and support activities.
  • You and other members discuss and decide on the Fund’s activities and future growth.

The Fund supports education and training for worker co-operators, the independence of worker co-operatives and promotes worker co-op organisation and culture.