Software Testing Worker Coop?

Hi, I am just curious, is there any worker cooperative that specializes in software testing?

The reason I am asking is 1) I like software testing :smile: and 2) This could be well suited for a worker coop, because of potentially low initial capital requirement and being expected to be truthful about the quality of the software (being able to tell the truth is great for any democratically run organization, I think :smile: )


Good question, the same could apply to pen testing.

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Yes, good point. And no need for an office or place.
And what about a co-op of ‘digital nomads’ ?

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This is definitely something we’d be interested in. We have a dedicated testing team at Co-op Web, which we both use in-house and sell out to clients, however they’re testing from certain level of technical knowledge.

I know there’s companies out there that perform all levels of User Testing, that are great for bigger projects, and would be brilliant if there was a co-op version. Just a couple of weeks ago one of our clients was asking for recommendations in this area, as the company they previously used was bought-out and instantly their rates increased by an extortionate amount.


Glad to hear this! I think (hope :smile: ) the democratic worker coop testers are more familiar with discussions, debates, etc and would be more likely to look at the subjects under test from more diverse angles than the non-coop workers who are just told to “do the job”. Not to mention that anyone who needs “testing” may actually be looking for better approaches to software development - it’s just they cannot articulate it and need partners to discuss with.

The other day, someone from civil service in Japan told me that he was genuinely impressed by the quality of work by worker coops. He said they were self-driven and he could not tell who was the “manager” and who was the “managed”. Although I believe this was in the area of childcare or something but I hope software testing worker coop will be able to impress customers similarly. :smile: