Software for time tracking / time sheets

At Webarchitects we have been discussing time tracking and as a result I did some searching for some suitable Free software we could host and the best thing I found was Kimai, so I’ve written an Ansible role to install and upgrade it:

And now we need to do some testing of it and I’m keen to have a play with the terminal client and assuming this all goes well we will start using it to keep track of the time we work and also we will be able to offer hosted versions for £11.50 a month if anyone else would like to give it a try without having to install or upgrade it themselves.


I also tested this for us but I only took a brief look. I need to actually use it for a week. Thanks for flagging up the Terminal client. I would much prefer that.

That’s a really good deal you have there if Kimai solves the problem that it aims to.

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The developer is very much on the ball and the documentation is good so if there is scope for improvement I have no doubt that he would be open to this, he has asked for and merged an Ansible section for the install doc already :slightly_smiling_face:.

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We’ve used Kimai a bit at GreenNet, we’ve not managed to really integrate it into our work processes, but it’s been a useful tool when we’ve taken the time to keep it updated,
Glad to hear that it’s still in active development, we may re-connect!

Kimai is also available as a one-click install on Cloudron
(have I said how much I love Cloudron? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Does anyone know how this compares to Toggl?

I have never used Toggl but since it is a commercial software as a service I would expect it to be slicker and probably easier to use (not that Kimai is hard but, like most small Free software projects it doesn’t have any capital behind it so it has far fewer resources to work with, I guess mostly the main developers spare time).

The main difference will be price and privacy, Toggl is $11 USD per user per month, where ever Kimai is hosted the cost would be the hosting and the number of user accounts would be unlimited (Webarchitects can provide a hosted Kimai site for £11.50 per month).

In terms of privacy I’d not expect much from Toggl given the web bugs and trackers that load on their home page…

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