Small UX testing and input job

Hi folks

We (Netuxo) are looking for someone with UX skills to work with us who has experience of remote usability testing. It is for an NGO web-development project we have just embarked on. The user groups, who are dispersed across the EU, will be provided by the client and the working and site language is EN.

It will not be a huge amount of work - this is a non-iterative, fixed budget and outcomes, style of project and the turnaround for the whole development is relatively quick. To be frank, this won’t be a deep/lengthy piece of work, in fact rather shallow and short, but providing some useful pointers for UX improvements and helping to avoid any serious clangers.

In practice this means a few days work, spread over the next couple of months, looking at expected and desirable interactions and journeys from a few critical elements and pages, asking the right questions and providing us with suggestions for realistic, implementable improvements.

Ideally we would need some initial input starting towards the end of next week, just to get to grips with what we are doing/understanding the project and the objectives and an early view, feeding into the wireframing process.

There is also a little related work regarding accessibility, though personally I don’t really see these as divisible, since a good UX should be for everyone. Bonus points if you also have pro experience in this area and feel the same way :slight_smile:

If this is within scope and you have capacity then get in touch (; send us a very brief outline of your experience in this field and your current day rate and, if it seems compatible/possible, I can send some further details over for consideration.

Hoping we can find someone with the right experience and approach from within our own community before we look elsewhere…

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