Small budget Joomla and basic IT / server support required for Lawyers In Charities website

Howdy, it’s my first non-introductory post, so I thought I should bring something to the party!

(especially because I’m not sure whether to set up a separate post for this, or just chuck it in the Tenders - Opportunities thread, and I don’t want someone to shout at me immediately…)

We’ve been contacted by someone at ODI who is related to an existing international development web project of ours. They run an org called Lawyers In Charities in their spare time.

As you’ll see from the link, they have a very basic Joomla website and want some help improving it - a bit now, probably more in the future - and want some help with their other tech e.g. understanding how email is configured on their domain, and sorting out an email list of some kind. They have a budget of £2K which sounds like it could stretch to nearer £5K right now if absolutely needed (although it doesn’t look like it needs that much input right now to my naive eyes!).

I think what they really need is a friendly tech person or collective who will give odd bits of advice, and build familiarity with them and their needs over time, maybe bill them in small chunks by the hour etc. We don’t think it’s worth us skilling up in Joomla for this small amount of money - someone else will be able to do it faster. It does sound like there will be more bits of work down the line, so could be a long term relationship with this right-on org. They seem like lovely people!

For more info or contact details, ping me.


Hi Tom, this sounds like a great opportunity to build a long term relationship.
We’d be more that happy to provide support e.t.c help to improve existing systems e.t.c
I’ll PM you my email address and contact number.