Skills marketplace for connection and collaboration: Able app

Dear CoTech-ers,

Able, the free peer-to-peer skills marketplace app is available to download from

Able is great for connecting communities that trade their skills - co-living, co-working, students, volunteering, off-grid, unemployed, for example.

Able helps users describe all their skills separately, in a simple editable format. Users then have access to a searchable network of talent. Able facilitates connection and collaboration.

We have just launched and are excited to get people involved! Please try the app, share it and get in touch if you know a community, group or even person who would appreciate the technology; I would love to hear from you.

Finally, if you have time!, please watch our intro video

With thanks and gratitude,

founder/ceo: Able app

ps I built Able to help people find a new way to work; my background is in HR management consulting and Fixed Income Investment Management; I am now committed to helping the labour market by providing access to free, decentralised marketplace technology for local skills trading.