Sister Co-operatives Group

I have created a Sister Co-operatives group for co-ops that are not CoTech members in order that we grant them access to a private co-op category where we can discuss things such as the Corona virus pandemic.

People in this group get a co-operator label adjacent to their name and a flair image overlaid on their profile avatar icon: coop_tiny

At the moment the Sister Co-operatives group consists of people with email addresses on these domains (plus a few individuals):

We can add and remove domains, plus individuals on request, please post suggestions for domain names and individuals to be added below.


Er, Dot Project is a Cotech member :slight_smile:

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Thanks @aaron, I’ve corrected that :+1: .

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Hi @chris,

I’d be interested in joining the group. I’m a member of York Collective, a bike courier worker coop, part of the CoopCycle federation. I’m using my personal email on here.