Shoutout for coops to respond to EU consultation in open data - ‘deathline’ Sunday night 😂

From the Coop Global Youth Network:

“The European Commission issued a European strategy for data, and is inviting European citizens to express their opinion about it through an open consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for the cooperative voice to be heard. We thus call cooperatives to participate in this consultation.

We suggest that we call for the creation of a digital ecosystem enabling cooperatives to benefit from the digital economy. This ecosystem would rely on two main pillars:

  • Availability of free and open-source software, enabling cooperatives to generate and control their own data;
  • Definition and implementation of open standards for data, enabling cooperatives to access and benefit from open data, as well as exchange data with their (cooperative) partners.

The cooperative Startin’blox, member of the Young European Cooperators’ Network, contributed to this consultation. We are sharing it publicly, to feed our partners’ reflection and hope they will also make their contribution. If relevant, you may use these answers in your own contribution – that’s the beauty of a cooperative open-source approach :slight_smile:

The deadline for contributing is 31 May 2020. Please follow this link and register!”

Oooh, cheers for sharing this.

We’re contributing to this today :slight_smile:

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