Services agreement for sole traders

Hi folks,

We are having to make a change to our articles as 3 of our members now live in Italy and so will be paying tax there. The advice we have been given is to set up as sole traders and then enter a services agreement with the company. We have worked out the change in pay etc and @Sion has been very helpful in advising on how we change the articles to accomodate a new type of member but I also need to draft a suitable services agreement.

Does anyone have one that would serve as a base from which to work? And happy to share?

It needs to be between a sole trader and a company and cover a standard terms of agreement for work. We have been using one for freelancers we work with but I’m not sure it’s up to scratch so would love to compare it to others.

Thanks for your help in advance! (crosses fingers)

Hi @aaron! Has this been resolved yet? If not I think I could dig one out that you could use

Hey Calum,

No, not had any joy as yet so anything you could do would be appreciated. My email address is aaron[at]