Seeking tech expertise for a new platform cooperative

I’ve been working with a colleague from Australia for a few years now, slowly developing strategy to launch a substantial new business here in the UK, based on their existing business (which operates in NZ and the US as well as Australia). We think that the business has its best chance of success in the UK if structured as a co-op, and given that it will be a digitally mediated B2B and B2C marketplace, it’ll be a platform co-op. Existing operations elsewhere aren’t cooperatives, but our game plan is to change that. I don’t want to say too much more at this stage.
The business has used two different tech platforms over its ten year or so life so far in other territories (one home grown, one SaaS from a US third party) with good results using both. The home grown system is now getting a little long in the tooth, and we are concerned about relying too heavily on a third party product where we would be just one customer among many, so we’ve decided to try to find a suitable technology partner with the capabilities to build a new platform with/for us. We’ve identified some significant budget, and I’m interested to see if there’s a co-op/CoTech team that is interested to work with us to bring this new platform co-op to market.
For the UK operation we need to be focussed on delivering a high quality customer experience, so we believe that certainly for the B2C side of things a key element in the mix is a mobile app, fully integrated with and running alongside a web interface and all working with the back end handling transactions, ordering, logistics, etc.
If this sounds interesting to you, then I’m keen to talk. Please PM me with some details, to set up an initial call. Thanks


If and when you get to the stage of needing some DevOps work to setup and configure servers I’d be happy to help.


Hi Graham, I know it is not what you asked for but… if you need any help with the legal/governance side of the co-op, I can help. See Patrick



Maybe we can think in a mixed team, I can share this in FACTTIC and explore the possibilty of participate in this project. If there’s gonna be a call we’re interested in participate…