Seeking screen-reading/assistive tech users for testing and feedback

Hello people :slight_smile:

We would like to recruit 1-3 users with screenreaders or other assistive tech - no specific requirements beyond that, just people who would benefit from a more accessible web experience and use software to help do so.

At Netuxo we are working on a project where we are trying to achieve high accessibility standards and would welcome the input of real humans, since box-ticking to meet standards is not guaranteed to create a good user experience.

We think this would involve a brief requirements check (personal software used and your availability), hearing an outline of the process and expectations, followed by a session (on another day), which expected to take IRO one hour, for remote testing and feedback (roughly half and half).

In total we are looking for a commitment of about 2 hours of paid work, taking place in the first 2-3 weeks of November 2018.

Whilst I know we could head over to Access Works or equivalent, Iā€™m hoping we can find some folk from within our own community before taking on users from elsewhere.

Interested? Contact