Seeking Javascript developer for Holochain Co-op project

Hi All,

I and a few colleagues are developing an exciting new project which aims to make use of the various (and rapidly growing) number of Holochain apps to provide co-ops and purpose driven businesses with some (initially just 1) new, truly p2p, business tools.

We are now looking for an experienced Javascript developer to help advise, experiment and build upon the existing Holochain apps.

We are starting from scratch so don’t have any funding yet, but don’t expect anyone to work for free either! We’re working on this in our spare time at this stage, so are looking for someone who can do the same to help us get going and to understand how much we need to raise to make the project viable.

This is a super exciting project with the potential to turn into a full time business - so we’re hoping to find someone who shares our passion for encouraging decentralized cooperation at scale!