Save our Internet! Against Article 13

I know its very short notice but it would be great if people could tweet or email their MEPs today asking them to vote against Article 13 tommorow.

The EU Copyright Directive’s disastrous Article 13 will introduce upload filters that would change the way that the Internet works, from free and creative sharing, to one where anything can be removed without warning, by computers.

On 5 July all 751 MEPs will decide whether this version of the Copyright Directive should stand. This is our last practical chance to remove Article 13 from the Directive.

A powerful wave of opposition is forming among Internet icons, free speech advocates, and citizens across the globe.

That’s where you come in. MEPs need to hear directly from their constituents exactly why upload filters would be a catastrophe for free speech. Please write your MEPs now. You can use the points below to construct your own unique message.

IF YOU’RE OUTSIDE THE UK, please use this tool instead

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