Restricted postings in certain categories

I got an email about this post by @decentral1se in the Co-op Liaisons category:

I did some small research, and wished to share what I knew about Discoure’s Groups, in case it was helpful :slight_smile:

But it seems this small category (of which this is the first post) is restricted and I cannot speak. I just wanted to express in a friendly way that this feels like over-zealous use of a forum feature, and it doesn’t feel clear what purpose it serves. I’d humbly suggest it feels more likely to be a disservice.

Thanks for considering

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Oh right, yeah, I just tried to pick the right category for the post. Didn’t know it is restricted.

Thanks for the info!

Should be open now!

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FWIW I believe it was intentionally set up so that only people in CoTech co-ops, rather than anyone who creates an account, could post in it — it wasn’t an accident, I believe it was discussed and set up during the last CoTech gathering in Newcastle, but has subsequently not been used.

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