Researching digital technologies and the coronavirus


My name is Mike Healy and I am a published independent scholar researching the social and ethical implications of digital technologies. According to Google scholar, my work has been cited on 318 occasions and I have a book on alienation and ICT in the pipeline… I mention this simply to indicate the nature of my work.

I am currently researching how digital technologies are being used during the corona-virus crisis and I am writing to you to ask if I could interview on four themes:

How the pandemic has impacted on your work.

Your use of digital technologies during the crisis.

The use of digital technologies by your management

The use of digital technologies to encourage solidarity with your co-workers.

I would of course be interested in hearing your views on other themes that could be covered.

If you agree to the interview, it will be conducted on line and, conditional on your agreement, recorded. All reference in any subsequent research paper will be anonymous.

I look forward to your, hopefully, positive reply.

The interview would be in English.

Please forward this email onto anyone you think might be interested in this research. Thanks.

Best wishes

Mike Healy

@mikehealy2 - similar interests, although I’m currently attached to the University of Sussex; maybe not for much longer, though - where do you publish?

Thanks for the email. My publications are listed on google scholar. The book will be published by the University of Westminster press. Its been a while since I have published a paper, been busy on the book. So what are your research interests?


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My publications are listed on google scholar.

Links? I don’t mean to sound pushy, but I imagine you’re not the only scholar of that name.

I’m (increasingly) interested in social studies and technology and the effect of information systems on society. You can find my work here:

I’m currently attempting to rush out a topical paper with the catchy (draft) title “Coronavirus and the politics of Bitcoin”. Broadly speaking, it’s daring to imagine an alternative to Neoliberalism. The article currently lives in Markdown on GitHub, so I’ll post a link to the first draft here - grabbing an early critique before attempting to get it published (somewhere) would be very useful :wink:

Are on research gate?

Are on research gate?