Research on disabled people's involvement in co-ops in the UK

Hi all

I would appreciate it very much if people here could circulate the following around their co-ops!

I am conducting research on disabled people’s involvement in co-ops in the UK. I am a disabled person and a co-op member myself.

As part of my research, I am conducting a survey of co-ops (of all types) in the UK, covering topics such as how many co-ops have disabled members, what accessibility issues co-ops have considered, etc. This survey is online here: Co-operatives and disabled people in the UK

I would be very grateful if someone from your co-op could answer the survey. It should not take longer than around 15 minutes.

I am also looking for disabled people who are or have been members of co-ops to interview. My call for participants for this part of my research is here: Call for participants – Work without bosses, homes without landlords, and nothing about us without us If you have any (current or former) disabled members who you think might be interested in this, it would be great if you could pass this on to them. Everyone who I will interview will get a £15 shopping voucher (hopefully for local co-op shops!).

For more information about me and my research, see here: [same first part of URL as the above link]/about/

I am also on Twitter as @DisabledCoops.

If you have any questions about my research or anything else you’d like to tell me about, please feel free to contact me on this email address or via my website or Twitter.

Please do also pass this message on to any other co-ops you are in contact with who may be interested!

In co-operation

Steve Graby


Happy to take part drop me an email lmacleod [at]