Request for comment - updating the Worker Co-op Code

The UK Worker Coop Council is talking about an update re-publishing the Code, which we wrote 2012 and has been translated and republished in Japan, Finland, and elsewhere. Some things we’re considering are:

  • taking account other typologies than classic employee coops
  • improving and updating the governance infographics and including sociocratic circles
  • expanding on some of the content (without making it unwieldy)

It would be great to have feedback from CoTech coops and the wider network about what you think is good, could be better, or is missing.


Personally, I love the idea of saying something about circles @Sion (being a fan of sociocracy, as you know).

And at the same time I think its really important not to confuse structure with principles - for me the code is about principles, and coops (and other typologies) should continue to have as much freedom as possible about organisational structure and how they are implemented in practice!