Remote Tutoring worker coop?

What do you think about creating a (or using an existing) worker coop to facilitate remote tutoring? For example, a member tutor in the UK can teach English to a student in Japan.

That’s just one example and there could be various other cases, say math or engineering taught by retired professionals?

This can become an interesting example of “platform cooperativism”, international, inter-coop cooperation, etc!


Hi Yasuaki!!!
This is a great idea! Some folks have just started talking about a teachers coop platform to sell their courses online. Here is a link to notes from last 2 meetings: and
Get on the list serv to receive invites to chat about the idea:


Hi Micky!

I have just read the notes (btw the link to did not work). I would love to join the discussion!!

I think online English (or any other language or various subjects) tutoring is a no brainer, and suits the worker cooperatives very well!

I would love to hear more about your thoughts! If you wish to talk directly, my phone number is +81 90 6523 2640 and I am available on Skype, Telegram, etc.

Needless to mention that I prefer “FSF approved” alternatives but I am still learning more about those tools :smile:

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Hope this link to the list serv works -

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Thank you Micky, I have just joined the mailing list.

And yes, RMS is like the North Star - I mention him almost like a concept personified in discussions :grin:

I guess I am just such an Anarchist (as in people should not rule others - not necessarily advocating immediate removal of governments!) that I identify with Noam Chomsky, Free Software, Worker Cooperative, you name it :smile: