Recommendation wanted: Ethical hosting provider

We’re looking for a new hosting provider, and I’d love to hear recommendations from this community about ethical hosting providers.

Initially, we want a host for a new WordPress website, but may move other services there too.

We do a lot of WordPress hosting, £100 a year for 1GB of disk space and the initial install and 30 mins of support. We are a co-op you can join and the money for the electricity for the hosting goes to Good Energy — we try to be as ethical possible.

For very big or busy sites we would suggest a virtual server and we recently migrated the News Co-op from a AWS server to a server we provide and to get an idea about what this involved you can browse the Ansible code for this.


Sorry to revive old topic. In many UK Hackspaces we use Bitfolk [1] for hosting. We also get Andrews and Arnold as ISP and they also provide some hosting. [2]


Are Bitfolk a worker co-op? Perhaps someone that knows them would like to ensuite if they want to convert if they’re not already?

Otherwise it would be nice for purple to support Web Architects who’ve been doing a lot of pro-bono work to support CoTech, or Media Blaze who are also a worker co-op.

If they’re not offering the right services we should let them know and sorry them to improve/diversify/etc.


What services are required? We’re happy to offer some services pro-bono

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Doesn’t look like it

Good idea. @amunizp do you know them? Think they might be amenable? :slight_smile:

Agree. Although I’m always interested in info about other good hosts.

I tend to recommend WebArchitects these days (and note that quite a few other CoTech members have listed themselves as providing hosting in addition to WebArchitects and Mediablaze who specialise in such stuff) but a couple of other non-co-ops I’d mention/ recommend are:

  • (Iceland based, 100% free software and 100% renewable energy, good UI) and
  • (cheap as chips 100% renewable energy power servers in Germany).
  • GreenNet (UK based non-profit democratic collective in process of converting to a workers co-op - have previously applied to join CoTech but weren’t accepted due to them not yet being a co-op)
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Good idea. @amunizp do you know them? Think they might be amenable? :slight_smile:

I can ask, but bitfolk are one person as far as I know so I think it will be impossible at the moment.

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