Reawakening CoTech Twitter account

No worries, it is better to get stuck in and learn something compared to sitting back and doing nothing… you have flagged up the fact that some time will need to be spent playing with Passman to work out how we can best use it, so that is very helpful, so no need for apologies :slight_smile:.

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“and which have @CoTechUK or #cotech in the tweet, in order to only RT some rather than all tweets from member co-ops”

Would ditto that

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No need to apologise! Thank you for taking the time to help others out!

At the last CoTech community call I said I’d start seeing which other co-ops were up for taking on responsibility for managing the Twitter account. We suggested that we could have a rota with a different co-op doing it each week.

Who’s up for being part of this?

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I thought that a bot was being created to manage the account?

We do now have a bot retweeting things, but it’s not a very genuine use of the account. It would be better to be directly engaging with potential clients and collaborators etc. Also, having someone from each co-op means that hopefully they’ll remember to use the CoTech account to promote what their co-op does (as I’m sure lots of them forget to tag @CoTechUK in general or may not even use Twitter much in their respective co-ops).


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I’m not personally up for a rota as I’d probably forget all about it - too many other things to think about. I prefer the original suggestion of enabling all CoTech members that want it to have access and be able to post appropriate tweets as and when.

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Shall we just put the login details in a doc on nextcloud? I’ve been part of various groups who do that with Google docs.

When I have a spare hour or two I intend to get my head around how to best setup and use Nextcloud Passman — this would be ideal for this:

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Nice one! otherwise perhaps something more offline?

I have also seen an organisations Google doc with all the passwords and personal info in it, be accidentally publicly shared (let along Google having access to it). You should never store passwords unencrypted.


I don’t like the idea of sticking the password in a Google Doc!

Retweeting everything was a bit much, but how about it if it retweeted everything from one of the co-ops that contains the #coTech hashtag?


That sounds like a sensible solution to me. :+1:

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Sure that’s a risk. But Google Docs are actually encrypted, no? And the alternative for the sort of groups in talking about was emailling them around all the time which is way worse! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggested a NextCloud doc! :stuck_out_tongue: but also this is just for Twitter and similar passwords not online banking or anything like that, what’s the worse that could happen?! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah no doubt passman a far superior solution.

I use Last Pass for all my personal passwords.

Could retweet anything with a #cotech hashtag regardless of where it’s from. I use several Twitter accounts (plus I use - the anti-twitter) and don’t tweet much at all from the MC3 account.

I can’t see whatthe issue iswith just sticking the credentials into a doc in Nextcloud. Sounds pretty damn safe to me.

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I don’t think that would be ideal as it would be open to abuse, if we are using a bot better if it has a whitelist of accounts to retweet from, I guess if this list was a Twitter list of accounts then it would make it easy for people with account access to add to the list.

“I can’t see what the issue is with just sticking the credentials into a doc in Nextcloud. Sounds pretty damn safe to me.”

Any way we can move ahead on this?

I personally think there are significant issues with the Twitter being a free for all. We’d need to work out a bunch of policies, etc.

There are lots of ways we can all promote CoTech from our own accounts…

I don’t think anyone is suggesting a free for all, and I woiuld assume that anyone with access to the account would take due care to ensure that any tweets they send are in tune with the CoTech ‘hivemind’.

If we don’t want or can’t develop a simple solution (and I really don’t think that “a bunch of policies” is needed), then the default is that whoever does have access controls what is said and how it is said on behalf of the whole of CoTech, regardless of whether that is actually what the membership of CoTech want.