Reawakening CoTech Twitter account

We’re going to start using the CoTech Twitter account, in large part to promote events that we are hosting here in London. Please, if you’re not already, could you follow from your co-op account so we can boost our reach please. Also keep an eye on what is going out and reTweet etc. If anyone else wants access to the account to share info on events elsewhere, or anything else that is relevant, please let us know and we’ll arrange getting you login details etc.

While we’re on the subject, it’s be great if you could also follow


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Nice one @polly! I’ve just started following the both via the Aptivate account.

As we’re trying to get the newsletter going, we realise we need to get a tweet out about accepting submissions. @chrislowis raised that on CoTech Newsletter: Call for submissions - #4 by decentral1se. Can you share the details (could do or use the NextCloud or something?) so we can make the post? Otherwise, if someone can just make the post, that would help!

Thanks for resurrecting this :sunny:

I would suggest that it makes sense for all CoTech members that want it, to have the ability to send tweets through the CoTech account. In that way it can be more efectively used to promote the relevant activities of all CoTech members, without placing a burden on one or two folks who have the login.

good idea to use it and spread the logins too.

Ok great! You can see the login details here:

Location: Send Secure information, passwords, links, dead drop
Password: tLri4wbFacXmKDW

Happy Tweeting!!!

Ah wait, sorry, that link will just work once. I don’t know how to use the Nextcloud server. Might someone be able to put it on there or something?

Thanks, got them! But yes, the dreaded ‘shared passwords’ scenario arrives again …

I normally use Is NextCloud OK for storing in the clear!?

Arghhh … maybe that is for another time. I’ll leave it to the pros and just brain dump on twitter :slight_smile:

This is a public forum, I don’t think its a good idea to share passwords here. I think it might be a good idea to rotate the password now, and share the new one in an out-of-band channel at least (over the phone)?

Well, it’s a one time use thing and I got it. Fair point though.

I’ll switch it over when I get time and pass it to @polly.

How does CoTech do password sharing? Seems like we might need to nail that one down.

Agreed, if it was just for techies I’d suggest Keyringer but this is only suitable for people happy using GPG on the command line… so how about we install Passman on Nextcloud and try that?

@polly it is a shame we didn’t think to set you up with Nextcloud access when I was in London on Friday, I’ll create an account for you and msg you with the details.

I’ve been staring longingly at the OAuth books in my queue for some time now. Since it’s what twitter, github et al themselves use to provide delegated access to user accounts by potentially insecure third parties, I think its a good fit for this kind of scenario, which IME comes up fairly often in cooperatives or other nominally-leaderless or flat-orgs.

I havent taken a look at Nextcloud’s app “store” lately, (and especially not with the release of v13) but maybe someone has ideas or working code that could be utilized this way?

Let’s stick with NextCloud and Passman!!!

OK, Passman is installed give it a go (perhaps it can be used to automatically log people into things like Twitter?) :slight_smile:.

There are Android apps and plugins for it via and perhaps document what you do and how people can get started on the wiki?

BTW I’ll upgrade the server to Nextcloud 13 at some point this week, and might even have a go at setting up Nextcloud Talk so we can perhaps try that for the next conference call…

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Ok I think I’ve created and shared the password on the Passman/Nextcloud.

Could someone check that they can access it/I’ve done it correctly?

It says “no vaults found” when i look at it.
Do you have to share what you’ve set up within Nextcloud?

Yeah sorry, after I sent that message I realised that the password vault itself requires a password so of course I haven’t set it up right!! I’m off in hunt of someone more technical than myself to investigate.

I’ve just made #nextcloud on the slack to try and have a place for troubleshooting!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies, just realised I cocked up here. I thought that when Luke suggested to use the dead-drop method that would be somehow secure, but evidently I didn’t think through that properly. I’ve now changed the Twitter password.

Also Outlandish have now told me that they’ve agreed to create a bot that retweets all the CoTech members’ tweets, rather than have us all logging on and lots of different users and voices coming out of the same account.

Big apologies for causing confusion. I’ll stick to organising events…



Ooopsy! All fixed though - it was all actually all part of a managed test for our data security team who, I’m pleased to say instantly flagged the issues and took the necessary steps to secure the account. Thanks for taking part in the test.

RE: what actually gets Tweeted - it feels we’d need a whole load of guidelines to get the Twitter account to have an appropriate tone of voice.

We’ve discussed just setting up a bot that retweets all CoTech members. At least that way there is no expectation of tone of voice, and it might help people find stuff the members say.

Anyone strongly against that as a solution for now?

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Would it be possible to RT tweets that come from CoTech member co-ops and which have @CoTechUK or #cotech in the tweet, in order to only RT some rather than all tweets from member co-ops (and perhaps make it less potentially spammy…)?

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