Quote for funding bid for workers.coop wordpress site

Been given a tip off to apply to a specfic funder to support the developmet of our workers.coop website if we can get it in within the next few weeks.

Its only for £5,000 so need to focus in on what is acheiveable for that budget. No promises, but the work on the website needs doing anyway wherever we get the money from so your quote won’t be wasted.

We already have:

  • Basic wordpress site
  • Basic CiviCRM install and support to develop that
  • Brand and logo work being done elsewhere

Need support with (lots…but for now):

  • Creating the design/theme for less teck savvy admins to use
  • Help setting up the basics like news / static pages
  • Help integrating the CiviCRM into the external sit, newsletter, sign-ups and longer term membership management.
  • Probably a lot more so happy to chat through what can be done with the budget.

Also very happy if you have other ideas for funding website development or pro-bono support.

Contact me on here for via john at workers.coop

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In general I’m content to include within the pro bono work already underway much of the CiviCRM integration you mention. A well though-through theme for the website, that takes into account public-facing CiviCRM pages and forms (things like event info pages and event registration forms) and makes them look great, would be a solid investment. Tools for doing things like putting member co-ops on a map already exist, but again making that sort of display look the part would add value.
I saw some discussion elsewhere about other proposed functionality (can’t recall the substance of it off the top of my head unfortunately), but taking that into consideration would be helpful.

The business planning group had its first meeting today so we are starting to build out the propostion but in general terms we expect the website will need to service a large number of user, with user generated content at the core. All to be fleshed out but some examples:

  • Ability for users to upload, search, rate and download from a shared resource library: Focusing on both externally facing campaiging and promtional material to promote workers co-ops, and internally facing resources, guides, policies etc to run your worker co-op more effectively.
  • Online learning environment - the ability for members to go through online induction and education sessions.
  • Longer term we need to look at how we support inter co-op networking and brokering of advice, support or trade. this may need to be through another platform but the website needs to be able to intergrate and make it as easy as possible for users, so we also need to think about SSO capacity as well. All this is prob too much to ask for £5k budget, so we will need to prioritse what can be done in the first phase
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