Protocols for Remote working and Remote Communication

After taking part in one event that was run remotely, i’ve realised that some of the friction in the conversations came from people using different protocols for online communication.

Every IRC channel has evolved it’s own flavour of house-style, so you could see how some of the flamewars were caused by people using inappropriate patterns between different channels.

Same for the Usenet discussions, though those were relatively moderated.

Are there any ideas for more effective solutions used by people here?

I came across this; that i’m going to test out at a webinar tomorrow, but i’m looking for ways for improving my virtual communication skills.


Can you video conference?

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You can find me on Discord as ThinkingWithVision#5578 :smiley:

Please note, that one of the reasons that i have to explicitly think about working patterns like this is due to my ADHD.

The psychiatrist who gave me the diagnosis said that i had one of the worst cases he had come across in his professional career.

The hyperfocus is an excellent superpower, but the distractability is irritating.

“Look at the shiny thingie…” :smiley:

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Ha. No, I was asking about the intended format of your meeting.

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I slap my forehead thrice.

They used GoTo as the platform, but the audio didn’t operate properly. :frowning:

Time to make some test-beds. :smiley: