Printing coops and tech coops

I’ve blogged a review of the Politics of the Joy of Printing, a book about the Detroit Printing Coop (1970-80), which people might find interesting, concluding with some thoughts about the parallels and differences between the print coops then and the tech coops now.


Ah lovely, really enjoyed that. Been recently lamenting the lack of any radical bookstore in my city so this was a nice boost to remember that if we get together we can get things done. Fair play to Calverts Co-op!

Recently printed off a copy of myself (real easy, they provide the formats on the linked page) and it was a pretty amazing feeling to have something to read after clicking a few buttons. I have a shitty clamp made out of two breadboards which I use to clamp the book when I get some glue and cloth on for the binding :slight_smile:

Btw, at the bottom of the post, the link to seems to be dead but the http version works?

Thanks for sharing <3