Preston Council want someone to talk about CoTech for a Webinar

Preston Council are doing 2 webinars under the title “The Preston Model Goes Digital”. The first one is called 10 Reasons Why Joining a Digital Coop is a No Brainer.

From the email:

o 90 minute session.
o Three speakers (20 minute each plus 5 minutes Q&A after each one)
o Facilitation provided by the PCDN
o 1st session - what is a cooperative and why join one? We’d ask you [me -John] to provide an overview of what a cooperative is, and why it’s a ‘no brainer’ for digital professionals. If you could do this by sharing your own journey to cooperative membership, that would be great. Personal stories always work well.
o 2nd session – the PDF’s story. This has local appeal plus provides an opportunity to introduce the technical support available in Preston for worker coop start-ups. This support is currently helping the PDF to get up and running.
o 3rd session – the digital cooperative community – CoTech and the benefits of being part of a community of cooperatives. Can you suggest anyone in Cotech who would be willing to cover this angle? A women would be good for gender balance.
o Final Q&A with all speakers.

Could this be you?


A coop from Preston recently joined CoTech… Approve Preston Digital Foundation's application to join CoTech

Maybe they’d be interested?


They are session 2 of the 3 sessions planned.


Ah I see so they’re PDF :grin:


Up for it John. When is it?


It’s Wednesday 14th April. Thanks for the offer, I am hoping to get a woman or non-binary for the CoTech segment if that’s alright?

Makes sense! Totally fine to pass on those grounds - we actually have a policy on it!