Preston council launches incubator for worker-owned cooperative businesses

First, we can exclusively reveal that the council is today launching a programme to incubate worker-owned cooperative businesses.


Chakrabortty was on Newsnight last night and made mention of this. Quite possibly the first time ever that the phrase ‘worker co-operative’ has been uttered on that programme.
Gareth Nash, a veteran co-operative development specialist with and closely involved with the work going on in Preston, will be talking about it at the Ways Forward conference in Manchester on April 5. More on that at where you can register at the very modest early bird rate for a little while yet. This is shaping up to be a lively event. I’m pleased to have been able to play a small part in helping to organise the event. I hope that lots of Cotech people, especially those within striking distance of Manchester, will take the time to get along, show solidarity, and help us to make this conference a great success.


Good publicity I guess but the lazy expression ‘socialist dragons den’ was almost calculated to sow division and stop people from thinking objectively about this positive event. Media eh? And that was the Guardian.

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