PowerToChange looking for web and mobile app development

Hi all. Jake Moffat at PowerToChange.org.uk (jake.moffatt@powertochange.org.uk) reached out to ask if Outlandish can recommend any native app developers for a project. And we said yes!

Brief attached as a Word doc and a short blurb they send to us is here too. If you’re interested please email Jake.

We’re looking at relaunching our volunteer management app (you can find a bit more here, but note we’re also relaunching the website). The app has 2 primary components, a mobile app that allows volunteers and volunteer organisers to input logs of volunteering time and then a web app data dashboard that displays a few simple visualisations and access to some raw data downloads.

We’re looking to upgrade the experience in a few places, particularly around onboarding but also to make the app a bit more ‘sticky’ with our users. We’ve conducted a fair amount of research already and we’ve got a reasonably good idea of the scope of the project – our expectation is that the initial span of the work would be a couple of months at most.

The relaunch is our immediate priority but we are looking to replace our development capacity more permanently afterwards so there is some scope for there to be a longer relationship also, providing its suitable for all parties.


Hey all, just to let you know Jake has already been in touch with us separately (last week) about this work and we have put in a bid for it. We’re not native specialists so there might be scope for collaboration on it, though that’s not something we’ve suggested to him so far - the current app has been built using React Native and having looked at the codebase we feel fairly happy taking it on. Anyway, just a heads up! :smiley: feel free to give me a shout if you’d like to talk more about it. Also, if we ended up not getting the work because he wasn’t confident enough in our skills re. native apps, we’d definitely prefer it to go to another co-op…any advice on this also welcome.

When you are ready to embrace “Tech that you can trust” on the Decentralized Web, like the good people at https://diglife.com/, please get in touch.

Cool stuff!

If you don’t get it Lucy or want to collaborate we have the React Native/native capacity and are always interested in volunteer management and organisation.

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