POSTPONED: CoTech gathering at the Worker Coop Weekend 2020 - now late July?

Yes I would like to attend Workers Co-op Weekend 2020 and additional CoTech day :slight_smile:

I have heard from John Atherton at Coops UK that the date of the Worker Coop Weekend has changed to 15th - 17th May to avoid it being on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Not sure how tp update the date in the thread. @chris are you able to?

Have done @aaron, however there appears to be a bug with the location plugin as this has stopped working… so I have posted a comment about this on the GitHub project and the Location plugin appears to be working again.

I have just had a chat with @athertonjohn about running a parallel CoTech gathering at the Workers Co-op Weekend and he is going to speak to the venue this week to see about the possibility of us having an additional day at the start and what the cost implications would be.

I’ve created a wiki page for the event.


I’m afraid that due to other bookings it isn’t possible to have a days extension to the Workers Co-op Weekend just for CoTech however we can still plan a full day of sessions for the Saturday — what would people like to cover? I have started a list on the wiki, please free free to add to it.


Thanks for looking into this Chris.

I’d originally through that I’d be away that weekend but that is now looking unlikely so I’m hoping to attend.

I think that something that encourages other co-ops to buy from CoTech/work with us would be good. I ideas that I have are:

  • ‘Keeping money in the co-op economy: what you can procure from CoTech co-ops and how to do it’
  • ‘Upskilling your digital team (or boosting your digital tools): beyond social media’

I know there was also something that was mentioned at the last gathering about some of the techy/designery people in the other co-ops feeling quite isolated in their own co-ops. So maybe we could do something about that.

Usefully, I would probably not have much of a clue to run a workshop on any of the above! LOL. Sorry. But if there’s anyone out there who thinks any of these titles are worthwhile I’m certainly up for teaming up to deliver one of them.


The Co-ops UK booking page, with prices, is now live, there is a Google Doc Agenda (for the Workers Co-op side of things we will have our own on the wiki) and there is a SolidFund thread on bursaries.

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With the additional CoTech day this will be 14th - 17th May 2020? Is this functioning as the thread to organise the gathering or do we need another one?

I’m afraid the additional day isn’t an option this year, we could use this thread or start a new one, it might be simpler with one thread or it might be easier with a new thread, I’m easy either way.

I think it makes sense to use this one? @Sion could you update the description so that it’s obvious that this is the next CoTech gathering as well please? (we confirmed this at the Newcastle gathering)


@calummackervoy I have made the top post a “wiki” post so I believe others can edit it, can you test this (I might need to make you a moderator before you can edit it, I’m not exactly sure).

Tested and I was able to change the text content :slight_smile:


Coops UK’s web page for Worker Coop Weekend has been updated to include CoTech Gathering


Unfortunately this is the same weekend as Radical Routes. I really don’t understand how this happened as it happened before.

It really shows how uncoordinated the UK co-op movement is tbh. Pretty disappointing.

It happened because the UK Government changed the bank holiday dates, this caused the Workers Co-op Weekend to move and the clash to occur, @athertonjohn explained this on a thread on Loomio the other week.


hmm that makes more sense! Glad to hear it wasn’t just a mistake as it was discussed quite extensively last time it happened.

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Hi all,

Some sad, but unsurprising news, I’m afraid. See comms from CUK:

Dear Cath
I hope you are keeping well. As I am sure you will understand we are cancelling Worker Co-op Weekend due to the social distancing restrictions.
We won’t be able to get a refund from the venue but are looking to see if we can roll the booking over to next year - this means that we are also supporting a small business during this tricky time.
I just need to let CoTech know but I am sure they will also be doing the same.
Will you please be able to let the rest of the Worker Co-op Council know.
We are focusing our efforts towards supporting the wider coop movement through this tricky time and I know Zena has just sent round an update to the Board.
Take care, Wendy

This was to be expected, I bumped into @leedscath in person in Sheffield yesterday and we knew it would be the case, I unpinned it from the top of the front page of this site some days ago in anticipation, I’ll update the top post now… we must have a mega one next year! :heart::fist: