Open source delivery platforms

See also this article Resisting the gig economy: the emergence of cooperative food delivery platforms - New thinking for the British economy :slight_smile:


The article indicates that they are developing their own app. Can’t see anything about how old the piece is, but might be worthwhile getting in touch, for anyone with an interest here.

Have just been reading that the coopcycle app has been in use for a few months by, would be interesting to know how it’s going against the competition.

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Viewing the source seems to suggest was published 30 May 2018 and updated 2 June 2018, so very recent. But, yeah, I hate it when published date isn’t obvious too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I’m a member of CoopCycle, Ask Me Anything :grinning:

@jdaviescoates thank you for connecting us with Matt, we are going to try to make something in York.

@Graham about Mensakas, we have been in contact with them, actually they have a developer in their team that once did a food delivery platform, Pidelow, and they prefer using it.


Just tried to sign up to your mailing list at CoopCycle and the ‘Send’ button isn’t working.


Thank you for reporting this, it should work now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @mex, your code is the first real example I have seen of a project using the Peer Production License (this is a CopyFarLeft, rather than a CopyLeft license, with CopyLeft, eg the GPL, sharing is enforced, with CopyFarLeft the code can only be used by worker coops) — how is that working out for you?


That’s great, thanks.

Hello @chris, well actually the Peer Production License was chosen when the project was just a side project, because it was the only license out there that enforces the co-operative model.

Now, all of this has become quite big (and very serious), and the Peer Production License can’t really be used in the “real world”: for example, in France, it can’t be used even for co-operatives, because you can’t distribute 100% of the benefits to the workers (some benefits must be kept at the bank).
Moreover, Peer Production License is not really designed for software.
So now, we are working on another kind of license.

Actually, until now, we have used the Peer Production License as an “anti-capitalist label” :grinning:
Not sure I answered to your question however…


Hi @mex, that is very interesting to hear, what are the goals of your new license? Are you intending for it to be GPL compatible?

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It is currently down :frowning: perhaps let them know if you’re in touch @mex :slight_smile: ?

Hi everyone. Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread. I recently came across Coopcycle here following a Google search. Has anyone been able to install it on a local server or VPS? I’m looking to setup a test/demo environment for evaluation by a new motorcycle delivery coop in Nigeria.

I followed the instructions on github to install user docker-compose. But it looks like there are some environment variables that need to be setup prior to running the docker-compose. Any advice or guidance is highly appreciated


I think you are more likely to get a useful response to your query by posting an issue in the Github repo

Sad they don’t respond to issues there. Almost like the repo is setup only for their development. Deployed the software following installation directions on the repo and it looks like certain things are configured to fail and only the devs seem to know how to fix it and aren’t ready to share the fix. 3 issues with similar complaints as mine from as far back as 2018 all went unanswered. Shame because the software looked like it could have some prospect here

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Maybe try reaching out to them on Twitter?

I think the best for you might be to contact coopcyle people (you might even consider the possibility of federation). I know people from Argentina who did just that.

Btw, I’d be happy to be in touch with Nigerian coop ecosystem. (I already have some contacts with the Ethiopian one).

Naaah. Absolutely no need. The lead (sole?) developer is active on the github repo. If he doesn’t respond there then there’s no need dragging it on twitter

I have. Via email. I’m looking at a coop for motorcycle taxi delivery. Coopcycle responded once that while not explicitly outlawed they don’t encourage motorbikes. Then went silent after. I tried to deploy the software to demo to the potential coop. But it looks like it is setup to not work properly for anyone but devs who know the correct fix