Online skills workshops @SPACE4

Hi Cotech members,

I wanted to get in touch to let you know we have some amazing online events coming up at SPACE4.

Here is a rundown of some of them and you can find them all on our website. Hope to see some of you at the events and please help spread the word.

Exploration of the BitTorrent protocol - Free online workshop on the 25th May - Whether you are a programmer or just looking to learn something new, join Theodore Keloglou from Sirodoht holding a short talk focusing on BitTorrent Protocol followed by some questions.

Design Your Future and Conquer Your fears - Deep Coaching Workshop - free online workshop 25th May - You are invited to join Washington for deep coaching sessions once a month for 2 hours to work on any area of your lives you feel need changing or exploring.

Has the time come for a four-day working week? - free online workshop 9th June - Join Joe Ryle who is the campaign officer for 4 day week campaign discussing reduced working weeks and the benefits it has. There will be a short QA as well.

Introduction to Hacking! How does it actually work? - Free workshop 17th June with Maciej Baron who is a lead developer at Good Praxis and also a SPACE4 user. Discover what computer hacking is really about by learning how hackers operate, what techniques they use and how to protect yourself from their malicious activities.

Introduction to Design Sprints for Social Impact organisations - Free workshop 9th July - Brought to you by Outlandish - they have been running Design Sprints for NGOs, charities, unions and socially positive start-ups for the last 3 years. If you’re thinking of running a sprint at your organisation, if you want to get ideas off the ground fast, or if you’re just yearning for everyone “to be a bit more innovative”, this workshop is definitely for you.

/maddy SPACE4