Online Event - Thursday, February 22 at 3:00 pm U.S. Eastern time

Join Highlander Education and Training Center’s Samir Hazboun. Free
Press’s Jessica Gonzalez and Center for Media Justice’s Steven Renderos
to talk about

Challenges to Our Internet Under Trump

Register below. The event’s on-line on

Thursday, February 22 at 3:00 pm U.S. Eastern time.

The attacks on neutrality, privacy and access have been sharply
intensified by Trump Administration and lots of us don’t realize it!
These three people not only realize it but are leading some of the
struggles against it.

Steven and Jessica have been key leaders in building the huge and
vibrant movements for Net Neutrality and against creeping surveillance.
Samir has led an innovative and successful project to bring affordable
Internet access to Highlander’s surrounding community in the mountains
of Tennessee.

We need to resist these attacks and move forward with our own program.
Here are three people leading struggles to do just that so let’s get
together and talk about how to do it.

It’s the latest in our Need to Know series and the registration form is at:

Now’s the time to register for this informative and vitally important event.

Hi @agaric thanks for posting about this, not sure how many people on this forum are in the US, but it is open to all.

Are you involved with Mayfirst? — the other day I was trying to work out if they are formally a co-operative…