On the look out for collabs/work

Hey everyone,

With a view to us all being transparent about busyness/need for work just a quick post to say we have some capacity coming up so if there is anything Outlandish shaped that we could support in or propose for, let me/us know!

  • Complex Wordpress website build
  • Data tools/dashboards/visualisations
  • Digital campaigns
  • Design Sprints

Hope y’all are good



Thanks for the transparency, @Abi! Our intern is now a collaborator at WAO, so we have a bit more capacity than previously. We would love to collaborate on new work with other co-ops and we tend to work at the intersection of technology, learning, and community :star_struck:


Example work we’re doing at the moment:

Autonomic is also on the look out for collabs with other co-ops. We have design capacity available right now and development and infrastructure capacity from July.

Would love to chat with others about rustling up some collaborations between co-ops.