Nextcloud updates

Just to let you know that the Cotech Nextcloud server has been upgraded to the latest version (14.0.1) of Nextcloud and also the XMPP Cloud Authenticator has been upgraded to version 2.0.2 (it was running v1.0.0), this enables the Nextcloud logins to be used on the XMPP server.

And I have added the anti-virus app, this uses ClamAV to scan all uploaded files for viruses.

All the code to do all of this is is on and we once again have a A+ on the security scan:

ClamAV uses huge amounts of resources at times, I expect when a lot of new files are uploaded. This afternoon the very high resource usage (over 10G of RAM committed when there is physically only 5G) resulted in the Linux out of memory killer taking out some processes, so I have shutdown the server, added a couple of additional CPU’s (bringing it to 4) and restarted it. Additional RAM might also be needed, or perhaps we should remove the anti-virus app?