NEoN x Autonomic: Digital Reforms


This year has seen many changes at NEoN, and we will have many more next year. We are committed to exploring new ways of working that help us develop and implement new strategies that emphasise collaborative, collective, and communal approaches.

As part of our ongoing work on the Counter Cloud Action Plan, introduced us to Autonomic and its Cooperative Cloud Infrastructure. Autonomic is a cooperative that is owned and run by its workers. They build technologies and infrastructure to empower users to impact the world positively. Their services reflect their commitment to their core values - sustainability, transparency and privacy.

We commissioned Autonomic to look over NEoN’s digital infrastructure and help us to find a new sustainable way of working that supports one of its goals of DeGoogle-isation. Based on discussions and their past experiences working with other initiatives such as, UTAW, VREC and Comic Gewerkschaft, Autonomic has provided us with a plan of reforms, which we are delighted to share with you.

NEoN Digital Reforms - NEoN Digital Arts


WOW :open_mouth:

I’ve started reading the document and this is amazing description.
I hope some of my words can reach the “audits” authors, I wanna express my deep gratitude for this work and the well written report :tada:

I’ve personally been on a similar journey from ex-BigTech worker towards the question of “ethical computing” and how to build a new set of technologies and tools that transform our day-to-day of humans with computers from a dreadful & exhausting to a positive experience.

My last professional field was “technical compliance” (plus I have done a lot of infrastructure and privacy) and while that might sound rather dry at first, it left me with the realization that one can swap out legal/ technical/ best practice requirements with ethical/ spiritual/ regenerative requirements. Using the same process of going from high-level requirements to technical details I strongly believe one can create value-aligned technology in a way that aligns intention and outcome.

I’m really exited about these new solutions that show up on the horizon and I would love to have more conversation/ exchange happening with people from a multitude of different backgrounds.


Thanks for the kind words @DonDFH! I co-wrote this proposal and have passed on your comment to the rest :blush: Drop us a line on helo[at]autonomic[dot]zone if you wanna have a chat!

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