Mobilizon: a free and federated tool to get our events off Facebook!

Hi everyone,

Like many people in this network, I refuse to use Facebook products. That means that, because it’s the de facto place to organise meetups and social events, sometimes I miss out.

I’m delighted to point you all towards the work of Framasoft, a French non-profit who are building Mobilizon:

From a friends and familiy birthday party to a march for climate change, today, our gatherings are trapped in the tech giants’ platforms. How to get organized, how to click on “I join” without providing intimate data on Facebook or locking yourself in MeetUp?

At Framasoft, we want to produce Mobilizon : a free-libre software that will allow communities to create their own spaces to publish events, in order to better emancipate themselves from tech giants. We want to develop a digital common , that everyone can make theirs, with respect for privacy and activism by design.

The call to action here is that they’ve launched a crowdfunder to get the work done. At the time of writing, they’ve raised €8,707.01 of a €50,000 target. They’ve got 200 backers so far, and there’s 56 days before the campaign ends.

For those who know what this means, it’s based on the ActivityPub protocol, which allows interoperability between social sites such as Mastodon, Pleroma, and (the project I’m working on) MoodleNet.


Thanks; I’ve seen this before and I’ll keep an eye on it.

It seems to me the problem isn’t publishing your event online; there are tons of WordPress, Drupal, whatever, modules that will let you publish your event on your own site.

The problem then is one of discover-ability; how do you make sure that others know about your event? So I’m less interested in the basic site but very interested in what they do around federation.

Do you know if they have published more of their plans about that online?

I am very excited for this!