Membership admission decisions in Loomio

Currently we have a single Loomio “decision” for all CoTech membership decisions with a Loomio proposal/vote per membership application.

I struggle to find my way around these decisions and find URLs which I can share with other people. I think this because we’re not using Loomio in the way it was intended.

I think it might be better to create a new Loomio decision for every membership application.

What do people think?

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Makes sense to me, each case is specific and deserves a thread…

I’m on the other side of the fence, but only just.

As I understand it we have a single thread with multiple decisions. They each used to have their own thread, but I found that a bit unwieldy, and thought it would be nice to have a place to go to see all the decisions and things that have been discussed.

I think now we use this for most things and Loomio for mostly membership decisions it seems to make sense.

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As I understand it we have a single thread with multiple decisions.

Hmm. I hadn’t realised that.

In that case, maybe it’s just that I don’t understand how to use the Loomio user interface. Please ignore me.


I find using the two drop downs at the top of a thread helps navigate threads (but I agree it often isn’t clear what is going on). On the left one can choose between Latest/ Beginning/ Unread and on the right you can choose between Nested/ Chronological.