Mapping co-ops and their relationships


Feel free to boo, but how about Heroku?

| pros                             | cons                 |
| fast                             | it's a middleman!    |
| easy management                  | costs more money     |
| practice spending money together |                      | 

I honestly think spending together accelerates cohesion.


We’ve had pretty bad experiences with Heroku and have resolved to avoid it where possible.

There are a couple of hosting Co-ops involved in CoTech though (Media Blaze and WebArchitects) as well as a devops co-op (Department of Binary Affairs) so hopefully one of them can make a suggestion and implement it.

We’re happy to contribute towards costs.


We’d be more then happy to set up at minimum a test server environment for
you, whatever the needs. And can always make the transition to production.


There are some other source heroku alternatives such as dokku deploy to server and create projects


We hired Founders and Coders some time ago to do some work ‘mapping’ CoTech which we’re just about to get started.

Everyone say Hi to @jsms90 and @bradley (not registered?) who are leading on the research.

We’re hoping that they’ll be talking to everyone over the coming weeks to work out

  • what information do we need to capture
  • how do we need the information presented

Outlandish is also expecting to add a ‘Person’ post type to the WordPress site so that people can be mapped to their skills, experience, technology, availability, etc.

The idea is that before hiring a freelancer everyone should check the CoTech site to see if one of the other co-ops has someone with availability. There are other use cases which hopefully Jen and Bradley will be uncovering.

Please suggest use cases here (and ideally volunteer to make something that satisfies the use case).


@harry that sound awesome :slight_smile:

If any WordPress developers are able to pick up this issue that would be really appreciated — I’m totally stuck on solving this and we could do with getting the dev site up and running again so we can update the code on the live site.


Media wiki is a bit rubbish for unstructured data. I’d suggest WordPress
which is surprisingly fine.

Have you checked out Wikidata?


Short of setting up a virtual server just for the CoTech WordPress site would the best option be to have a copy of the site running locally and develop on a git branch and when a new feature is working locally ask that it is deployed to the dev server so more people can test it and if everything is OK then create a pull request and merge it into the master branch and then make it live?


I’m happy to set up a test environment/server if you need it let me know.
Really like to help we I can, if anyone has anything they need doing again
just Bob me a message :slight_smile:


Thanks to @chris getting the site super easy to update I’ve now exposed the JSON API from the CoTech dev site. Wahoo!

The API is exposed at and you can get the collaborations from

I’m sorry to say for all you linked data geeks that a bit more work would be required to make the output more traversable. For example, lists the “collaborating_co-op” as “1840” and it would be better if it listed either “” or “

Any volunteers to have a go at enhancing the API? Or building something with it? We can easily add fields to the backend (e.g. co-op number? Co-op directory URL?)

The main issue (judging by last time) will be getting everyone to enter their data.


I might well be up for gathering and entering that data…