Make it possible to @ specific coops on the forum

Hey I am looking at cotech.journal · master · cotech / fund · GitLab and trying to nag/ping/push the remaining participants in the fund to get over to Loomio to vote on the thing (see The Return of the CoTech Newsletter! - #31 by decentral1se for more). I was thinking that it would handy if I could just @ the coop here on the discourse to send a specific notification. However, we don’t seem to have that yet. Is there anything we could do in the forum settings to make that possible? Maybe attach the name of the coop to a “rep” of an existing account? Idk.


I don’t believe that there is the ability in Discourse to have aliases in the manner in which email aliases work.

All I can suggest for the moment is if the Example Co-operative,, had a general contact email address such as then a Discourse account with the username Example could be created and then you could @Example and this would trigger an email to

You could suggest / urge co-ops to setup accounts like this I guess?


Thanks @chris. Good idea.

I might carry this over to Restricted postings in certain categories - #3 by decentral1se to make it public as this category seemse to stopping people giving input.

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