Machine learning algorithms

Anybody know anything about these?

It feels like the last 3 people who have approached us with projects all have machine learning in mind! It would be amazing to hear from anyone with expertise in it, or who could put us in touch with people who are.

Also people have been asking us about AWS ML so if anyone’s used that then also shout. Thanks! <3

Happy to have a chat with you, Lucy. I have a bit of professional and academic experience in ML.

Hey Lucy, hope you guys are staying safe!

We’d be happy to have a chat if you’d like. Me and my brother are currently working on some things. We’ve got a BSc in bio-computing and a PhD in ML between us :slightly_smiling_face:

Might also be able to refer you to some other guys if we can’t help out

Either way, hope you get your query solved.
Stay safe!

Hi Lucy,

I am a part of a workers’ cooperative in Spain, Col·lectivaT and one of our services is data science, i.e. application of machine learning algorithms to social topics or business problems of the solidarity economy. Most of our data team has PhDs in Physics and one of us has a PhD computational linguistics.

A minor warning, the information in our website still is not complete, other than our work on the speech technologies, but our more business intelligence related portfolio and the extented data team will be published soon.