Looking for young(ish) Co-operators

Hi All,

Not completely tech related, so apologies if I shouldn’t be positing here.

It’s also a bit of short notice, but this year the Futures Co-op conference is going to focus on the next 20 years of the Co-op movement and include discussions on how climate change, IT developments, Artificial Intelligence and the demographics of society will affect the future

.We’re asking for as many young co-operators as possible to attend and contribute.

So, if that’s you, and you are free, it would be great to see there! Please pass this on to anyone outside the network that may be interested.

Many Thanks

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Not sure how many young people could afford the £110+ ticket prices. Are there any bursaries or discounts on offer to entice their participation?

Hi Josef,

Thanks for your response, and yes there are bursaries available. You can find information on them here https://futures.coop/20-20-vision-bursaries/