Looking for someone to talk about tech and LGBTQ+ issues


We have an event happening on September 27th in Space4 which will showcase the work of a couple of organisations doing advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

One of these organisations is a resident of Space4 (https://www.bisialimifoundation.org/) and another is Diversity Rolemodels (https://www.diversityrolemodels.org/). I would love to find someone to talk who can bridge the gap between the world of tech and the world of LGBTQ+ activism.

Does anyone have any ideas of people or organisations that I could reach out to? I have been in touch with some corporates (Intertech and London Tech Advocates) but had no response.

Let me know pretty please thanks!!


Hi Polly

Ilias from the ThoughtWorks Barcelona office pointed me to this because they’d heard me talk in Barcelona at a MWC associated panel (and given a talk in the office on Diversity and Inclusion and Intersectionality).

Drop me a line if you are interested.


Dr J

Thanks have DM’d you!