Looking for someone from CoTech to talk about Computer Sciences / the philosophy of the internet

Hey you lot,

I’m organising an event on September 13th here at Space4 and I’m looking for someone from the CoTech community to add to the bill.

At the event we have Tim Davies who is professor of digital culture at Sussex, talking about the history of the hacking movement. We also have Kieran Gibb of Ten Thousand Things talking about power, anarchism and the internet, Michael Rogers (pending childcare) creator of the Briar Project talking about encryption and activism, and perhaps someone from the Serpentine Gallery.

I thought that it might be interesting to have someone with a good knowledge of Computer Sciences to do a presentation about how the internet actually functions. I thought this could bring it all down to earth a bit as the other talks are somewhat philosophical. And of course, its always good to have someone from CoTech representing at these events.

PM me if you think you might fit the bill or know someone who could.


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