Looking for SEO experts


We (Common Knowledge) are looking for SEO / digital marketing people. We have a specific project in mind, but it would be useful to meet people more generally as this is something that comes up somewhat regularly.

Let me know if this is you!


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hi @gemmacopeland
We have been working with Michael Wignall / Orange Tree Digital for many years and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
He has a lot of experience in digital marketing and SEO for the third sector, small businesses, cooperatives etc and does a variety of things for us. He knows the coop space very well through working with Ethical Consumer and helping to set up Open Space in Manchester.
You can email him at michael[at]orangetreedigital.co.uk

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Hi Gemma,

I can help.
Please check PM.

Best Regards,
Sofia G


Nice, thank you! I’ll reach out.

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Hi Gemma,

hope you are well. Just to follow on from @aaron 's kind words, I’d be happy to have a chat about your project and in general.