Looking for people to run project: Open Tech Calendar

Don’t know if this is off-topic - sorry if so! But I’m looking for people to pass this project onto and would love it to go to a co-op! For just over 6 years I’ve been running https://opentechcalendar.co.uk/ and while it’s been great and I’ve learnt a lot, it’s time to move on. I’ve written more at Passing on Open Tech Calendar – would you like to run it? – Open Tech Calendar and would love to chat to people, get in touch :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting project, thanks for sharing it, James.

I am thinking that maybe is a good idea to make this project part of CoTech, publishing events of both CoTech members and other organizations.

What everybody thinks about this? I am happy to help to run it under the CoTech umbrella.


I’m not against this but I wonder if our sister collective would be a more appropriate host: https://diglife.com/

CoTech is (I believe) centered around co-operative ways of working - specifically worker co-operative digital agencies. Those agencies work on both open and closed technology, though most or all would prefer it was all open.

Digital Life Collective is more focussed on the open output, rather than the democratic mode of production (I think).

I think it is easy to underestimate the cost in terms of time (adding entries, maintaining the code base and servers) and money (domain name registration, hosting etc) that projects of this type involve, I’d suggest that this would be best as a stand-alone co-op or a taken on by an existing co-op as @harry suggested — I do not believe that CoTech has the resources to take this on and since the vast majority of events listed are not co-op events I’m not even sure it would be appropriate… Having said that it looks like a great resource and I hope that someone or a group can be found to maintain it.

Happy to raise it within Digital Life Collective, although at first glance I’m not seeing a good fit.

Thanks for all the replies!

The time can vary a lot; one of the key things with this site is it’s set up to allow other people to contribute events as much as possible. I think this is one of the things that has really helped it be successful. It’s our 2nd Birthday! – Open Tech Calendar has a graph of the number of events other users have edited, and that’s after only 2 years (I should really update that). That means it has in the past ticked over with minimal effort - I’ve held down full time jobs while keeping this ticking over before.

(Sure, if I want to put more time in there is always outreach and coding sprints to do!)

The money cost is actually pretty cheap - it runs on one VM - and in the past sponsor money has more than covered it.

This is a very good point. It definitely has a tech focus. I have in the past tried to protect that by removing the purely business events that people try and add - tho many events blur a business and tech focus, so sometimes it’s hard to draw the lines. While there would be similar tech and co-op events that blur the line, I can also see many co-op events that are nothing to do with tech. As people here are also interested in tech, I posted in case someone was interested in the tech side - but interesting to discuss co-op events.

Anyway, happy to discuss (my email for this is on Contact - Open Tech Calendar ).

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