Looking for Java dev-work

Hi all,

Looking for anyone in need of a Java developer. Open to contract types (freelance/co-op/part-time/full-time) so would appreciate if anyone knows of somene looking for an extra pair of hands.

I have noticed a lack of Java related projects, and since I am just starting out working outside of traditional employment, feel the co-op community could be a nice helping hand :slight_smile:

Also, having worked at a tech-consultancy for almost 3 years, my experience has been skewed more towards the backend (RESTful web service, APIs, etc) but I have worked with React, JS/TS, HTML, CSS on client projects too, so open to projects across the full-stack. That said, I can hit the ground running with Java/Springboot/Microservices.

Feel free to reach out to me here or by e-mail: r.sahakyan1@gmail.com

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Hey! Just to add for anyone reading that Robert is a member of Happy Dev, based in Paris, and a network member of Code-Operative (who can act as a UK-based agency if desired) :slight_smile: also a great dancer

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