Looking for coops in Croatia

I’m looking for providers of FOSS based services (email, Nextcloud, Wordpress, etc.) in Croatia from the Social Economy, preferrably coops but associations are also fine. I’ve contacted https://open.hr, any other pointers? Thanks!

Hi David, I am a member of https://slobodnadomena.hr and we’re a tech coop based in Croatia. There are also some other actors in Social Economy like for example https://printlab.hr … if you give me more info I might be able to help.


Thanks for the info! I’ll be giving a workshop for NGOs on digital tools next week in Osijek. This is in the context of a EU funded project to define a digital competence framework for the third sector. We (femProcomuns, the coop I work at) are not part of the project, we were invited as trainers for this workshop. The partner in Croatia is https://dkolektiv.hr.

From what I’ve seen, all previous work in this project is mostly based on proprietary software and BigTech platforms. My objective for the workshop is to show that it is possible to use alternative tools and providers that are more ethical and sustainable without compromising productivity. I’d like to have a few examples of local service providers that I can include in the materials. Some of the tools we’ll discuss are:

  • Nextcloud
  • BigBlueButton
  • Wordpress
  • Etherpad
  • Discourse
  • Excalidraw

Also, I’ll be in Zagreb on Jan 18 afternoon/evening and Jan 19 moring/noon, it would be nice to meet some tech coop if you’re around :wink:

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If you can spare the time, it would be great to meet a fellow coop-er. Maybe you could drop by our office on Thursday morning? I have PM’d you with details. Check your LinkedIn profile or freeknowledge e-mail.

As for the workshop, both Slobodna domena Zadruga and Printlab ltd (part of ACT group which is more familiar to most people) provide infrastructure services. With us, this is not the primary product. We are focused on developing apps but since we have the capacity and skills when our regular customers need support in this segment we cover them per case.

Another name comes to mind when I think about open source tools in NGO sector. Multimedijalni institut (https://mi2.hr). This is an NGO from Zagreb which has done a lot of pioneer work back in time, regarding promotion and implementation of open source tools. They have done a lot for the local scene and should be mentioned in any related materials. They do not provide services but have helped many to move away from proprietary software.

Open.hr is more less inactive. This was an industry related initiative back in the 90’s.

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Thanks for the info, that’s very useful! I’ll reply to your email and try to drop by your office :wink:

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