Looking for a technology provider for a Horizon Europe project


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This is my first post here, my name is Monika and I work with a team of researchers and practitioners on putting together a Consortium Bid - CONFIGURE - for the Horizon Europe call: HORIZON-CL6-2022-COMMUNITIES-01-04: Social innovation in food sharing to strengthen urban communities’ food resilience.

The project is led by Prof Anna Davies who was a PI of SHARECITY.

With SHARECITY we mapped food sharing in 100 cities ( SHARECITY 100 Database) as well as co-design with food sharing initiatives a toolkit for assessing sustainability impact in food sharing ( SHARE IT Toolkit)

For this proposal we would like to work with a technology provider who can take a lead on upgrading the database by developing an algorithm for automated mapping, tracking and monitoring food sharing in additional 100 cities. We also want to upgrade the toolkit.

If you are interested to collaborate and have tech capacity and expertise please get in touch with me: rutm@tcd.ie

Suggestions for tech providers are also very much appreciated.

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