Looking for a Project Manager, Java/Android Developer and QA Tester


I’m a freelance developer who works with the lovely people at Outlandish. I’m also the project lead for Briar, an open source messaging app designed to protect activists and journalists from surveillance.

Briar has recently received some funding to hire a Project Manager, a Java/Android Developer and a QA Tester. The PM and QA roles are part-time, about 5 hours/week. The dev role could be full-time or part-time. Please see the ads below for more information:

I’m posting the jobs here in the hope of finding like-minded people to work with, but I should stress that Briar doesn’t have a co-op or any other legal entity behind it. This work is funded by a grant from the US government, via a Canadian organisation called eQualit.ie that develops open source tools to resist surveillance and censorship. The work will be subcontracted via my one-person consulting company.

Working hours for all the roles are flexible, and they’re available to people in any timezone. The work will be remote (unless you happen to live in Brighton, in which case we could think about getting some coworking space together and then never using it because of Covid).

Please give me a shout here or by email (michael@briarproject.org) if you’d like to know more. Thanks!


I don’t have an immediate application for the roles but just want to say I have followed Briar for years now, and it’s so cool that you’re posting on our forum!

Is it alright to share the job listing with some of our coop partners?

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I assume that’s why @victorygin posted on here, so that we’d do just that :smiley:

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Hi Michael, I sent you a mail

Sorry for the slow reply @KingMob - please do share it with anyone you think would be interested!