List of Fintech coops

Hi guys I’m working on a curated list of fintech-related coops:

I would be grateful if you know some others to add to the list.


Great idea!

There’s also at least two fully online credit unions I’m aware of:

  • Alliant credit union, the 8th largest credit union in the US by asset size.
  • My Community Bank in the UK. I have not found any bank in the UK that offers better rates on savings account than MCB, it seems pretty awesome.

I suppose you could also include things like:

  • Co-op Financial Services, a cooperative owned by around 1,800 credit unions that runs the largest subcharge free ATM network in the US.

Here is a registry of CUSOs (credit union service organisations), most of which are cooperatives owned by credit unions. If you limit the search to “Information Technology & Data Processing Services” and “Payments & Electronic Transaction Services” it gives you a list of 134 CUSOs.

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