Life with Muggles - Returns for October

Life with Muggles - at ThoughtWorks 76 Wardour St, Soho, W1F 0UR - Friday 12th 6pm - 9pm

Life with Muggles is a peer support group for anyone working in a workplace surrounded by Muggles - who may be lovely, who may not care, who may be nasty, but being Muggles they just don’t get us. They force us to explain why pronouns matter, why we change our names, and why we don’t “fit” into their software and HR systems.

We are those people who don’t identify within the gender binary, we might be open about it, or hide it at work. We spend our work lives forced into choices about our clothes, our identifiers, our pronouns that usually hide who we are.

This is a space to talk with others who are also working with Muggles - a forum to talk about those experiences with others who have them and get ideas, support, props, and find mentors.

This event is open to anyone who identifies outside of the normative gender binary*
*if you have to ask, you’re probably a Muggle

Quick note on code of conduct:
We’ll build one for the group if we decide it is needed.
Until then - the same as Her Upstairs had really -
Make everyone welcome, don’t be an arsehole.

Accessibility information:
Step free access and flat throughout
Will be a seated event - around a table or on the soft chairs
ThoughtWorks have accessible toilets (one fully accessible and one stick friendly as well) and all of our facilities are gender neutral.

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